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    2 main ingredients of success:

    1. Hard work
    2. Self belief

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    “For the Lord of hosts has purposed, and who can annul it? And His hand is stretched out, and who can turn it back”
    (Isaiah 14:27, AMP).

    As believers, you and I have an advantage. We don’t have to go through life just depending on our own talent, our own ability, our own strength. The Scripture talks about how God’s hand is outstretched toward His people. That means there is a supernatural power behind every believer. God’s outstretched hand will help you accomplish dreams that you thought were impossible. His outstretched hand will cause you to get well even when the medical report says there is no way. The outstretched hand of God will help us to prosper even when the economy is down.

    Let this sink down into your heart today. All through the day, imagine God’s hand outstretched toward you. It is a hand of healing, a hand of favor, a hand of restoration. No matter what you may be facing, you have to realize there is a force for you that is greater than any force that will ever be against you. You’re attitude should be, “I am not settling where I am. I know I have an advantage. As a child of the Most High, I know God’s hand is outstretched toward me.”

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  8. God does not call the qualified; He qualifies the called. God does not choose the qualified, the wise or strong; He qualifies the chosen


  9. "A Christian man who takes the lead in sexual purity, and who tells the woman that her heart means more to him than her body, and her purity is more valuable to him than his own pleasure, liberates her from a cruel bondage and gives her a blessing that words can hardly describe."
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